1. theirs:


    did you kno that 10 million pounds of maple syrup was stolen from quebec

    10 million pounds

    1/3 of the government’s reserve

    like. how do you even steal 10 million pounds of maple syrup. where do you hide it. what would you even do with it

    why does the canadian government have a maple syrup reserve 

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  2. Hey, I need quotes for an article at work.


    Okay so I work for this magazine called Sex, Etc. (oh hey follow them on here look it’s a link to their blog) and I’m writing an article on female masturbation and how lots of girls are shamed for talking about masturbation and so on. So I need help with quotes for my article. You can either be like “Yeah, totally you can print my name.” or we can use a pseudonym for you. However, in both cases I’m gonna need your email to give to the editors just so they can make sure you said what I submitted, I’m also going to need your age and state (if you give me a quote and I want to use it, I’ll message you for your email so no need to post it.)

    Alright! If you read this far I hope you’re thinking about giving me quotes so here are the questions and thank you so much if you help (also only girls please):

    • Were you ever shamed by a parent for masturbating or speaking about masturbation?
    • Were you ever shamed by a friend for masturbating or speaking about masturbation?
    • Anything good to say about masturbation?

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  3. Nicki Minaj - 2013


    0:00 - Freaks
    0:31 - Tap Out
    1:32 - Lay It Down
    2:41 - Somebody Else
    3:24 - Tonight I’m Gettin Over You
    3:55 - Get Like Me
    4:35 - #TwerkIt
    5:13 - I’m Out
    6:15 - Livin It Up
    6:44 - Clappers
    7:03 - Love More
    7:40 - Entertainment 2.0 
    8:20 - MILF
    9:01 - Rich Friday
    9:37 - Give It All To Me
    10:05 - Hands Up
    10:49 - It’s Me (I Bet On That)
    11:28 - Dope Dealer
    12:28 - Boss Ass Bitch

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  4. Clarity feat. Foxes (Acoustic Version) - Zedd Clarity

    Clarity (Acoustic Version) by Zedd feat. Foxes (x)

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  5. I Knew You Were Trouble (Acoustic Duet) - Taylor Swift Featuring Ed Sheeran hayleynicholewillliams.tumblr.com



    I Knew You Were Trouble - Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift


  6. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran +



    The best “Kiss me” version ever recorded. 


    this still gets notes wow

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  7. Can't Do Better (Marvin's Room) - JoJo

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  8. Nothing Feels Like You - Little Mix Salute

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  9. Salute - Little Mix Salute

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  10. Pony (Empty Arena) - Ed Sheeran


    I did a thing…

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  11. waeh-edsheeran:

    ed sheeran - let the sunshine

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  12. Who You Are (Cover) - Ed Sheeran Who You Are - Single


    Who You Are (Jessie J Cover) | Ed Sheeran

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  13. Sad Beautiful Tragic (Live) - Taylor Swift SwiftNetwork

    Sad Beautiful Tragic live (sounds professional) » download

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  14. I Want Crazy (ft. Hunter Hayes) - Taylor Swift Red Tour Collaborations


    Taylor singing “I Want Crazy” with Hunter Hayes, last night in Nashville. (good sound quality, some screaming)

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  15. beynika:

    Check out this article on sexetc website…. It’s about the hateful comments under ANACONDA’s video. It’s really good Here is the link: http://sexetc.org/2014/09/15/dont-need-hate-nicki-minaj-anaconda/